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Some say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Some think of beauty as physical appearance and others believe beauty comes from within.  We believe beauty is an impeccable combination of all.

Time Is Luxury


Our bow ties are specially crafted for men with extended neck sizes. Experience the Style and Grace of a Bailey Bow.

Sizing recommendations

Neck Size: 16 1/2” to 22”= Extra Large Bow Tie (Available Now) Less Than 13” to 16 1/2”= Standard Size Bow Tie (Available Soon)

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Our pieces are everlasting and will forever remain a focal statement of your everyday wardrobe. 



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Our blueprint is built on the outline of conspicuous talent, the luminance of each curve and edge is like the birth of a fine diamond born under extensive pressure.


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The subtlety of impeccable style that our clientele demand in our products tells an effortless story of their image and station in life.



We are dedicated to the fashion forward discerning individual with unrivaled taste.

Our products, artfully sculpted by hand in Italy applies heirloom techniques passed down through generations using superior fabrics, textures and patterns. The keys to our success lies in our lofty craftsmanship, the immense attention to detail, bespoke personification, and the precision to anticipate and exceed expectations.